The photo booths for sale on our site are both portable, and simple to set up.
We have the hardware and software you need to rent out to weddings and events.

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The newest member of the Fortune Photo Booth Family is the 10 minute photo booth. The time lapse video below shows the booth being completely set up and the first strips printed in only 10 minutes.. This is the perfect photo booth to buy instead of renting. For the price of 2-3 rentals you can own your own photo booth for all of your events and parties.

The video below shows the Fortune Photo Booth Deluxe Kit being used and the images shared with our social media photo booth sharing software.
Our photo booth was designed from the ground up for events. While it looks and feels like a traditional photo booth, it can fit up to 10 people inside.  Because we also rent our photo booths we know our design is optimized to be the best portable photo booth experience you can buy. We sell a complete photo booth business opportunity. We are not a franchise!  We are here to help you get up and renting out your booth as soon as possible. Call us or email with all your pre-sales and technical questions. Email me directly at or  Call me directly at (503) 230-1181 and  I can answer all of your questions and further explain why Fortune Photo Booth is the easiest and best photo booth for sale. Many other companies can’t find the time to get back to you, especially after you purchase a booth. We are here for you as a resource and support. We know the photo booth business because we rent out our booths as well as make them. See our rental site

Photo Booths For Sale

Light & Portable

Fortune Photo Booth is portable and easy to set up and use. A single person can set it up anywhere in as little as 20 minutes. And it fits in a regular car! Prices Starting at $3850!!! Start Making Money renting Photo booths today. Email Soren»

Creative Software

Guests can Text message - Facebook - and Email the photos to themselves. Our photo booths can shoot video, green screen, and new features are added all the time. Booths are upgradeable at any time to get the latest and greatest photo booth features. Create stunning custom photo booth layouts to impress your clients. Call Soren»

New Free E-Book

Not only do you get a great photo booth from us, we teach you how to use it and guide you in how to make the most money you can renting it out. We have a new E-Book: How To Start A Successful Photo Booth Rental Business. This book contains info on marketing, and business strategies that will help you jump start your new business renting out photo booths. Email us and I'll send it to you Free! Other companies using our Booths»
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