Three Ways to Buy a Photo Booth

We offer our photo booth kit in 3 types of packages

We love to give you options!  We offer table top and full stand alone booths. You can purchase our kit as a turnkey business solution, or as a do it yourself project, or even dream up a unique booth that we help you design and produce that is one of a kind. Read the descriptions below to figure out which is the best solution for you.


1. The Do It Yourself Kit (Priced from $1995 to $2800)

This kit is perfect for someone who wants a booth for personal or light commercial use.  We sell you the bare bones of the kit and you add a computer and a printer.  Its a great project and we offer great advice on how to get it done.  The process of creating your own photo booth is a fun rewarding experience. This could be a great school project that ends up becoming a school fundraiser  In the end you get a portable photobooth kit that you can customize to utilize the equipment of your choice, or follow our guidelines and purchase your equipment to make it the same as we would do it.  Its your choice.  Of course we are still here for you with our famous photo booth technical / customer support.  Call for a quote. (503) 230-1181.  See our new Frugal Photo Booth at

2. The Complete Full Photo Booth Turnkey Business Kit  (Priced starting at $4995-$6800)

the full photo booth kit for sale

Fortune Photo Booth portable kit for sale

This is a business in a box… or three boxes to be exact.  Start your own photo booth rental business tomorrow.  You get everything you need, all the hardware and software and a few business starting tricks as well.  We can even get you on the web and high on google searches.  We teach you how to put it together, how to troubleshoot and make sure it runs smoothly.  Purchase this kit and we’ll hold your hand.. or maybe just talk you through it over the phone, but no matter what we will make sure you get up and going quickly.  We’ve had complete computer novices and anti tech clients who we have trained and gotten going in their own photo booth rental businesses.

3. The Ultra Portable Table top Photo Booth (Priced $2300-$4500)

our ultra portable table top photo booth

a very affordable photo booth




Whether you are  renting out for small parties or just home /private use this is a unique way of operating a photo booth.  The unit only requires 10 minutes to set up, fits in most cars and rests on a table top or DJ table.  This is a new product as of December 2011.   Call for details and see if this is the photobooth for you.


4. (Ok there are 4, not 3 ways) The Custom Kit (Priced starting at $4995)

Do you have a need for a truly custom photobooth? Simple or complex, let us know where you want a photo booth or how you need it to work and we will build it for you.

* Put a photo booth in a resteraunt or bar.

* Put a photo booth in a car.  We’ve done it!

* Portable or permanent we can make you a custom photo booth solution that works for you.


As always please feel free to call me directly with questions.

Soren (503) 230-1181

Owner: Fortune Photo Booth

Because, Everyone Loves a Photo Booth!

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