Social Media Station For Sale

I have a new Portable Social Media Station for sale.  It comes with a stand, a lockable enclosure, software installation, and a full windows 8 tablet.  For $699 plush shipping.

This is the easiest way to get started with upgrading your booth to the internet age.  Guests can text message, email and facebook their images from the station, giving you a ton of exposure.

The station also has the added bonus of being a back up for your main photo booth computer in case of a disaster!

The software is only $20 a month!

Call today to order and discuss.  Soren (503) 230-1181

Test out the new Fortune Social Media Module

It’s Here! test out the new social media tablet booth software.  Have your clients be able to see their images on a tablet outside your booth for Facebook – ing, Text Messaging and Emailing!  This will make your photo booth internet connected and social, and give you a powerful way of interacting with your guests.

Download the software and instructions below and call me for a username and password.

This is a limited edition beta version and only costs $20 a month.  For a full Personal installation and tutorial over the phone Call (503) 230-1181 (fees may apply)

You will need the software, a user name and password, a windows powered photo booth and a tablet (iOs, windows, or Android)  They will have to be on the same WiFi network.


(503) 230-1181


New Less Expensive Photo Booth

New Starter Photo Booth Kit

We have developed a new photo booth kit that comes in at $3850 delivered! It is a fully functional photo booth kit, and upgradeable to a standard kit at any time. It is lighter than our standard kits and creates stunning photo booth results. It looks almost identical to our current standard models pictured on the site. To get the price down we use an older model camera (canon S5) and a small portable Picturemate printer from Epson. This kit is perfect for starting out in the photo booth rental business. It comes with the same help and support as all of our photo booths but gets you into the rental market for much less. Start making money today buy purchasing a photo booth from us today. Call (503) 230-1181 for all the details.

Soren Coughlin-Glaser
Owner: Fortune Photo booth

2013 Model Blow Out Photo Booth Sale!

The end of 3013 has given me a surplus of photo booth frames and panels and an opportunity to save a lot on some new Windows tablet computers!  If I save money then you save too.

I am offering 10 complete photobooths with DSLR camera, and HiTi  dye sub printers for $4508 with free shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S.

Call us today and ask about the 2013 blow out special.  Once they’re gone they’re gone.  Call today to reserve your next fortune photo booth.

Everyone Loves a Photo Booth!



Fortune Photo Booth Sales

(503) 230-1181

New Photo Booth Client Spotlight for Summer 2013

I have a new section of my website dedicated to telling the story of real Fortune Photo Booth owners, and their success with our portable photo booth.  Follow the link below to read about Rob and Kathy.

Photo Booth Financing

We are happy to introduce our new photo booth financing program:  Visit this page to get started and get 30 second approvals!

This way you can pay the booth off slowly and start making money immediately!

Call for details.  Soren (503) 230-1181

cyber monday photo booth deals

2 photo booth deals to let you know about

Photo Shop Elements on sale today only for $49.  I know some of you still use, but Elements is a bit more full featured for making custom layouts and logos for the bottom of strips.

We have about 3 booths worth of our older Windows 7 machines.  These are non-touch screen booths with a 16 inch monitor, photo only with a dysub printer. Sale price till Dec 1st of $5255. Add web cam video for $300, ad DSLR video for $650.  Call for details.

Cyber Monday 2012


Soren (503) 230-1181

How to Start a Successful Photo Booth Rental Business

Once you have decided that you want to do it, the first step in starting a successful photo booth rental business is to decide which booth you want to buy.  Call Soren directly at (503) 230-1181 to talk about different booth options.  Our standard photo booth kit comes with everything you need to operate a portable photo booth business.  With our portable kit you can store it in a garage or closet, you can transport it in most regular cars, and you can set it up and operate it with a single photo booth operator.

We provide the support you need to learn the photo booth rental businesses based on our own rental business in Portland, OR.  We made lots of mistakes and made even more great moves which makes our rental business a success, and we aren’t afraid to share our road map to success.

Register your business name with your secretary of States small business office.  You will need to get a business license as well as learn if you have to charge sales tax on your rentals.  You may want to contact your county and metro-area to see if you need any local licenses.  A local CPA can usually help you with what to do in your local area.

Registering a Domain name is also important.  Most of my rental business is dependant on our website.  Even if a client is referred from another client, the new client almost always contacts us through our web site.  If you don’t know how to make a website, or don’t have one already, we can design and maintain a web site for you.  Call Soren for a run through of our $750 web page package. (503) 230-1181.

Search on Google to see what your local competition is charging and what extra services they provide.  You can learn a lot about the business from seeing what others are doing.  I don’t suggest undercutting everyone on price, it just means you will bring down the cost and value of photo booth rental services in your area.  Running a photo booth business is not rocket science but it does require real work and expertise.  Think of it as a real business and be prepared for marketing costs and taxes you will run into.  Business Liability insurance is another cost I would seriously consider. Many venues that you would be in renting a booth now require that vendors such as photo booth rental companies have a standard business liability plan to protect them.  Plans are generally $500 a year or less and can include damage and theft protection as well.

If you take the steps necessary to start a legitimate business you will be taking your business seriously and making sure you will get off to a good start.  With our booth,  a local CPA, A web page design company and an insurance agent you will be well on your way to building a successful rental company.  Soon you may be back to

Facebook Software: Upload Tutorial

This is a link to a new written tutorial on how to use our instant Facebook Internet gallery software to upload your photo booth strip during an event.  Guests in your booth can see their images just seconds after they receive their prints and can post to Facebook, email and share your companies info on their walls.  If only 10 people share their images per event, you have the potential of over 1000 people seeing your company name on facebook.

As always, feel free to call me with questions.  Soren (503) 230-1181


See the screen shot below:

photo booth strip on the internet

A simple Web view of the photo booth strip

Photo Booth Software Update- With DSLR Compatibility

Give the new Fortune Photo Booth software update a try at

unzip and install (you may need to uninstall the previous version through the control panel first)

Try it with the Canon T2i, or T3i.

DSLR shooting takes a bit more patience and time to learn than the simple Canon Powershots.  But, the real benefit of the DSLR’s is that the image sizes are much larger and the video previews are of higher quality on the screen.

Feel free to call with questions or help.


Soren (503) 230-1181

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