Powered by Fortune Photo

When it comes to renting a photo booth for your event, there are many choices. Going with a photo booth rental service that is powered by a Fortune Photo Booth means your photo booth will have…

Creative Options

With a Fortune Photo Booth you can impress your guests with customized photo strips featuring your event’s logo and details. You can shoot green screen photos with photo backgrounds, shoot videos, and easily change the background colors of the images. You can also choose between black and white or color photo strips.

Can Handel Large Group Photos

Fortune Photo Booths work great for larger groups. More than 10 of your guests can easily fit in the booth, and the photos will still look like photo booth photos, not like photos taken in a tent.

Social Media Features

Fortune Photo Booths have a unique social media sharing platform that allows guests to send photo strips via email, text message, Facebook, and even view their images in a special online gallery. The sharing features are used outside the booth to make sure the line can continue to move quickly.

Quality Photo Strips

Fortune Photo Booths are designed to have a simple but elegant lighting solution that produces amazing quality photos. The booth was created by a professional photographer to assure your pictures will amaze your guests.