Don’t Just Buy a Photo Booth, Purchase a Complete Photo Booth Business Solution

Whether you want to own one booth and run a part time photo booth rental business, or own 4 booths and have a really large operation, we are here to guide you through the process and make it as easy as possible. Our photo booth was designed from the ground up for events. While it looks and feels like a traditional photo booth, it can fit up to 10 people inside. Because we also rent our photo booths, we know our design is optimized to be the best portable photo booth experience you can buy. We sell a complete photo booth business opportunity. Our turnkey business kits are complete kits with nothing left for you to purchase to make it work. Call us or email with all your pre-sales and technical questions: or (503) 230-1181. We can answer all of your questions and further explain why a Fortune Photo Booths are the best photo booths for sale.

Turnkey Photo Booth Business Kits

The three Photo Booth Business Kits packages below look the same to the user but have different cameras, computers, screen sizes and software.

Photo Booth Kit

Starter Photo Booth Kit

  1. Sheet Fed Dye Sub Printer Printer
  2. Unique swiveling camera mount for tablets
  3. Windows 8 Tablet with touch screen and HD Web Cam
  4. Photo Photo Booth Software
  5. Fortune Photo Booth “LITE” Structure with stools, curtains, tower, (fits in a car)
  6. Fortune Photo Booth Support (email and phone)
  7. Fortune Photo Booth 1 year warranty
  8. This kit is designed for light use such as in fundraisers, schools, company parties. It is compact and easy to store, sets up quickly and can save you money by owning instead of renting a booth. The experience is as close as possible to our professional versions.  The booth can be upgraded over time to match it with the professional models when you need it. The print time is about one minute per double strip.
  9. Shipping is approx. $150
Photo Booth Kit

Pro Portable Photo Booth Kit

  1. DNP RX-1 Dye Sub Printer with 1400 prints
  2. Canon T5 DSLR
  3. Windows 8 Computer with touch Screen
  4. Fortune Photo Booth Software or Breeze Software
  5. Fortune Photo Booth Structure with bench, curtains, tower, and rolling cases (fits in a car)
  6. Fortune Photo Booth Support (email and phone)
  7. Fortune Photo Booth 1 year warranty
  8. This kit is designed for heavy commercial use in a photo booth rental company. Cost per double strip is less than $0.15. Print time is less than 20 seconds.
  9. Shipping is usually $175
Photo Booth Kit

Deluxe Photo / Video Portable Photo Booth Kit With Internet Upload Station

  1. DNP RX-1 Dye Sub Printer with 1400 prints
  2. Canon DSLR T5i Camera
  3. Larger Windows 8 Touch Screen Computer
  4. Fortune Photo Booth Software and Internet tablet sharing station.
  5. Fortune Photo Booth Structure with bench, curtains, tower, and rolling cases (fits in a car)
  6. Fortune Photo Booth Support (email and phone)
  7. Fortune Photo Booth 1 year warranty
  8. Video booth software and microphone
  9. “Keeper” Box which makes set up easier

Other Options

We love to give you options! In addition to our Photo Booth Business Kits, you can purchase a more frugal do it yourself project, go with an ultra portable table top photo booth, or even dream up a unique booth that we help you design and produce that is one of a kind.

Tabletop Photo Booth

The Ultra Portable Photo Booth

Starts at $2,300

Our ultra portable table top photo booth is a very affordable photo booth. Whether you are renting out for small parties or just home /private use this is a unique way of operating a photo booth. The unit only requires 10 minutes to set up, fits in most cars and rests on a table top or DJ table. Prices for the The Ultra Portable Table top Photo Booth start at $2300. Please Call or Email Soren for additional details.

Photo Booth Kit

The Custom Kit

Starts at $4,995

Do you have a need for a truly custom photo booth? Simple or complex, let us know where you want a photo booth or how you need it to work and we will build it for you. Put a photo booth in a restaurant or bar, no problem. Put a photo booth in a car, yep we’ve done it! Portable or permanent we can make you a custom photo booth solution that works for you. Prices for custom kits start at $4995.

Jiffy Booth Cardboard photo booth

The Jiffy Booth
cardboard photo booth

Starts at $800

Why rent when you can own.This is the perfect photo booth to buy for your own events. Add your own iPad and you get a portable, reusable fully functioning photo booth for your parties events and company functions. Choose to print or just save to the iPad. The booth can print out a single 2 inch wide photo strip with our Jiffy Photo Booth App, and the amazing Happy Zink Printer. The kit comes with everything you need to make great photos: stools, curtain, Enclosure, Lights, Printer and paper, Just add your own iPad. We can also include a tablet if you don’t have an iPad already.

Photo Booths For Sale

Why Fortune Photo Booths are the best photo booths for sale…


While other companies can’t find the time to get back to you after you purchase a booth, we are here for you with professional support and as a resource. We know the photo booth business because in addition to making them, we rent out our booths as well (See our rental site At Fortune Photo Booth we sell a complete photo booth business solution. We are not a franchise! We are here to help you get up and renting out your booth as soon as possible.


Our customizable booth panels plain black or white in color and are ready for you to brand to your business or event with your graphics and logos. This way you can make the booth look like a classic photo booth or dress it up as a promotional piece for a a sponsor. You can also customize your panels with your clients logos creating a great branding opportunity for commercial events. Because the booth is modular and customizable you need only to update small portions of the booth to completely change it!


Upload images directly to the internet in real time. Get people Facebooking your company name to all of their friends while they are still at the event! Use your booth as a photo booth and with our expanding software you can also capture video testimonials at the same time with no operator intervention. We are constantly improving our software and booth functions.


Photo Booth clients will love your high quality prints and print customization. With our booth, making custom strips as easy as possible. Brand your clients photo booth strips with their logos or their names and event dates.


Our booth is portable. Really, really portable. You won’t need a special truck to carry it around, you can fit the booth into almost any car to transport to set up in any space. Upstairs on the balcony? No problem. Outside? No problem. It usually plugs into a wall, but can also be completely run on batteries if need be. Portability and ease of set-up make Fortune Photo Booth a unique business kit. The booth takes about 40 minutes to completely set up, and can be removed from a site in about 15-20 minutes.


Fortune Photo Booth is strong and intuitive to set up and use. Set it up anywhere in as little as 30 minutes and thrill your clients with an attractive photo booth that works like a charm. We make is easy for you to make money renting your photo booth right away, and it is light enough for a single user to set up and operate.

Also available is our web hosting program which for $750 will get you a web site and domain to help you start advertising immediately. We are here to get your photo booth rental business off to a quick start.  Soon you will be coming back for booth number 2.  In Portland on our rental side ( ) we currently have 4 booths that can be rented out on the same day.

Call Soren to learn even more reason why we have the best photo both for sale anywhere: Soren (503) 230-1181